Random pics

What do you get when you cross a maths lesson going over mock papers, a bored person, and a piece of file paper? Some very random doodles.

The face is the only one in biro, but is actually fairly worrying.

The fairground isn't too bad when you consider that it's all squiggles- I never actually drew specific shapes.

The ice-cream cone's fine except for the stalk on the cherry.

And the yin-yang symbol didn't scan very well.

Backgrounds. Feel free to use them.

More backgrounds, but one is so bright that it almost hurts your eyes, and the other's just plain weird.

I went out with my mum to pizza hut for pizza for lunch one day, and started drawing on this napkin. It was weird.

This is the cover(actually I stuck the whole box in the scanner) of one of my favourite games, Startopia. It's very cool, and if you haven't got it, get it.

It's pink.

Oh. Dear. God.

The only part of this I feel like talking about is the puffball bunnies. The one on the left looks dead, and the one on the right has a third ear. Oh dear. Done during "private study" with pink and orange highlighter. There's a reason that it's not considered as an art medium...